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I am a mama blogger from Kedah. A mom to 3 ultramans and 1 power puff girl. Married to a Kelantanese hubby. I am very passionate in Handmade Jewelries design (tapi dah lama amik cuti ;)). I am blogging about anything that make sense. I hate those who do the talk most vs the walk. I am very passionate in charity works too and alhamdulillah my job and environment support me to do so.

I started with intension to share my experience and key learnings in raising a special child (OKU). How to face community, how to manage your emotion and many more about special child. But now looks like my blog become rojak blog...hehehe. I love blogging becoz i have the opportunity to look things from different perspectives and I just love making friends and we can learn a lot about human behavior through blogging.

So enjoy and thank you for dropping by My other blog is

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Anything that make sense!

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